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Be a lean, mean, wood-fired, plant-powered machine!

(OR at the very least: cook brilliant vegetables)

It’s January. So if you’re anything like me you’re feeling ready to be a goodie post the ‘Season of Indulgence’. New year, new you etc… Luckily with Uuni this will not be or taste like a chore. Quite the opposite.  Wood-fired cooking allows ingredients to sing! Vegetables are no exception and are given an extra depth and subtle wood flavour that domestic ovens just aren’t capable of.


As the resident veg lover at Uuni HQ, I’m often asked for my favourite foods to fire up in Uuni. Here are my top 5 vegan/plant-based wood-fired dishes: (I’d love to know what yours are!)

1) Uunified Mexican veg (hello Taco Tuesday)
2) Wood-fired baby potatoes (excellent with garlic oil)
3) Spicy Sriracha tofu + aubergine, cashews (as seen on the salad above)
4) Grilled portobello mushroom burgers
5) Cauliflower steaks (they’re big right now and for good reason)

If you haven’t tried Uuni roasted veg yet then I implore you to jump aboard the plant-powered wagon and pronto!

Veganism is trending it seems.. so let’s bring our plant-based A-Game to the party.

What you’ll need:
A cast-iron sizzler pan
Veggies of your choice (favourites include baby carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, broccolini & sweet potato chips)
A splash of extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Hot sauce or extra herbs (optional)

Wash and chop your vegetables into small pieces. Remember, the bigger the cut, the longer to cook! If you’re cooking a mix of veg, such as carrots, sweet potatoes and asparagus, add the asparagus half-way through to avoid over-cooking.

  • Pre-heat a sizzler pan for 1-2 minutes
  • Add chopped veg with a splash of oil and some seasoning
  • Roast in a hot Uuni for 1-2 minutes, turn and repeat. (Cooking times will vary, depending on type of veg and temperatures).
  • Serve on a salad with rice or Uuni-fied baked potatoes.

Of course… vegan pizzas are the bomb too so let your imagination go wild. Leave your favourite toppings for me below!

If you’re looking for even more plant-powered inspiration, check out Edulis Wild Wood. Lisa is a wild food specialist and foraging instructor based in Leeds, UK. When she’s not taking foraging classes you’ll find Lisa in the Ooni Community Facebook group, sharing her favourite outdoor cooking tips!


Don’t forget to leave your favourite vegan pizza toppings for me below!

Go Team Green

(Uuni Co-founder, CMO)

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