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Be a VIP (Vegan In Love with Pizza)

Did you know that in 2017, Google searches for ‘vegan cheese’ outstripped ‘cheddar’?? One of the finest, authentic Neapolitan pizzas is vegan – the Marinara. With several vegan cheese variants on the market, you don’t have to miss out on the stringy goodness of melted mozzarella either.

We’ve been experimenting at Ooni HQ and I think you’ll find these recipes rather delectable…

Marinara Masterpiece

The authentic Neapolitan pizza, the Marinara, is incredibly flavoursome. Cheese isn’t even missed with the heady mix of garlic, oregano, basil and a delicious tomato pizza base. Light and (dare we say it), healthy!

Pulled Jackfruit Pizza

Pulled pork is a great topping, elevating the humble Hawaiian from processed to perfection. The Jackfruit provides the same texture as pork and takes on the barbecue flavour perfectly. Couple with pineapple and caramelised red onions, you have yourself a real treat. Try serving it to your meat loving friends and see if they notice…

It’s getting hot in here!

Hands up who loves butternut squash (ME!). This pizza is without a tomato base. The creamy mix of mashed squash and Violife spread, topped with a smack of chilli and thin zucchini ribbons, not to mention vegan mozzarella will leave you wondering what the meat-fuss is all about.

There’s a bonus too – the butternut squash is roasted in your Uuni too, meaning you have a ready made side dish if you wish.

Ooni Superstars

Each month we’ll be sharing a selection of the best creations with our community. So don’t forget to share your Oonified pics on Twitter or Instagram using the tag #ooni and #oonisuperstars to be in the chance of being featured.
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