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Diablo Pepperoni Pizza [Homemade Woodfired Recipe]

Pepperoni is famous for being the most commonly ordered pizza. What is it about cured meats that makes the pizza-eating population tick? Even the best recipes can be improved upon, and that’s why we’re taking pepperoni one step further with our new Diablo Pepperoni Pizza recipe.

For a pizza that’s similar to pepperoni and boasts even more delicious meats, we think the diablo deserves a bit more credit for its loveliness. Also, as we’re inveterate fans of spicy food – the added red chilli is a further bonus!

We’ve used frankfurter and chorizo as our extra meat toppings, adding tastes of Spain and Germany to a traditional (and much loved) Italian-American classic.

Diablo Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Classic dough
Classic sauce
Pepperoni, sliced
1 frankfurter, sliced
Chorizo, sliced
1 red chilli, chopped
Mozzarella, sliced

First light up your Uuni.
Next spread your classic dough over a floured pizza peel and cover with classic sauce.

Follow this with some slices of mozzarella and chopped chilli.

Add your sliced pepperoni, frankfurter and chorizo to the pizza.

Slide the pizza into the Uuni and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes.

Remove from the heat, season and garnish with fresh basil. 

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