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Pop-up pizza tasting

About ten days into our Kickstarter campaign and we’re already almost there! I know I keep saying it but it’s been nothing short of amazing seeing and hearing the response it’s received. So, to take things forward; I’m excited to announce that this Saturday, 1 December, we’re hosting a pop-up pizza tasting outside our Uuni ‘office’ on Manwood Road. This is the first time anyone from ‘wider public’ will have seen Uuni and what it’s capable of. I’ll probably make about six pizzas so if you want a slice don’t be late!


Time: 1 December, 14:00-14:45
Address: Manwood Road, London, SE4 1SA, RSVP on and I’ll send the house number.
Pizzas: pepperoni or mushroom

Hope to see you there!

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