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Brussel Sprout Gratin Pizza

Brussels Sprouts Gratin Pizza

Cheesy, salty, earthy Brussels sprouts gratin combines all of these satisfying flavours into one decadent side dish equally appropriate for a family dinner or a holiday party. Keeping such an indulgence locked away in casserole form felt unnecessarily limiting to us, so we devised our own take on the dish atop a pizza crust. Our pizza version swaps the bread crumb topping for a dough base and uses three kinds of cheese instead of one. 

Traditionally made with cream and a single cheese, then topped with bread crumbs, almost anything can be gratinated. Potatoes are the obvious choice, but they’re far from the only option. One of our favourite things to make au gratin is Brussels sprouts. Their nutty, slightly bitter flavor makes them a delicious complement to the richness of full-fat dairy and bread crumbs. 

And Brussels sprouts on pizza are always delightful. By combining two things we love — cheesy bakes and pizza — we came up with something great. On a base of crème fraîche (standing in for the cream), we put strips of bacon, three kinds of cheese (crystalline Gruyère, milky fresh mozzarella, and sharp cheddar) and, of course, Brussels sprouts. Cut thin, tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper, the vegetable goes into the oven raw and gets delightfully charred as it roasts. 

For more Brussels sprouts ideas, check out Martin Nordin’s Jerusalem Artichoke and Brussels Sprout Pizza and our Brussels Sprout & Apple-Bacon Jam Pizza recipes.  

20 minutes

4 x 12-inch pizzas 

small bowl
cheese grater
Ooni Pizza Dough Scraper
Ooni pizza oven
Ooni Infrared Thermometer
Ooni Pizza Cutter Wheel or Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade 

4 x 250-gram dough balls
100 grams shallots
20 grams butter
4 slices bacon, cut into 1-centimetre strips
320 grams Brussels sprouts
20 grams extra-virgin olive oil
fine sea salt
160 grams crème fraîche
120 grams Gruyère
240 grams mozzarella
100 grams sharp cheddar, grated Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaMethod

This recipe would suit a variety of pizza styles, but we think our classic pizza dough  would be a great fit. Make sure to prepare your dough ahead of time to ensure it rises at room temperature before firing up your oven.

Slice the shallots into 2-millimetre slices. Heat butter in a small saucepan over medium heat, add the shallots, and cook until softened, about 8 minutes. Slice the bacon into 1-centimetre strips, add to a sauté pan or cast iron skillet, and cook over medium heat until crispy. Slice the Brussels sprouts finely until shredded, toss with olive oil and salt in a small bowl, and set aside. 

Fire up your oven, aiming for 450°C to 500°C on the stone baking board inside. Use an infrared thermometer to quickly and accurately check the temperature of the stone.

Place a dough ball on your lightly floured work surface. Push the air from the center out to the edge with your fingers. Stretch the dough out to a 30-centimetre-round base, and then lay the stretched dough over your lightly floured pizza peel or countertop.Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaUsing the back of a spoon, top with 40 grams of crème fraîche. Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaThen, sprinkle on 30 grams of Gruyère and 60 grams of mozzarella.Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaSprinkle on a quarter of the shallots and bacon pieces.Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaAdd the Brussels sprouts.Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaFinish with grated cheddar.Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaThen slide the pizza off the peel and into the oven.Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaCook for 60 to 90 seconds, turning the pizza regularly to ensure an even bake.Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaRemove from the oven and place on a serving peel or board.Brussel Sprout Gratin PizzaSlice, serve and enjoy. 

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