New oven orders shipping February/March 2021. More info.

Shipping & Returns

Holiday Shipping Update

Our warehouse is currently processing approximately 8 days worth of orders. Therefore, your order might take up to 2 weeks to be delivered due a high holiday demand in fulfilling orders already placed,  and ongoing COVID restrictions and challenges - but worry not, it will be with you before Christmas (unless it’s a Pre-Order - see below!). 

We currently estimate our last date for orders to ship in time for Christmas is the 15th of December. We encourage you to order as early as possible to make sure it is there on time - the last shipping date may end up being earlier, due to demand.

Normally, your order will be with you in 2-5 days, depending on your location.

In the majority of cases at the moment, your order will be with you within 5-10 days from order (unless it’s a Pre-Order - see below!).

During times of exceptionally high demand, delivery may take longer than 10 days.I

f you have not received a tracking link via email for your order within 14 days of placing the order, please contact us and we’ll check the order’s status for you. If after receiving your tracking link, you have not received your order within a further 14 days, please also contact us, as there may be issues in the shipping network within UPS.

Whatever happens, rest assured we will get you your Ooni Pizza Oven! Thank you for your patience.

Standard Shipping & Returns for non pre-order items (UK)

  • FREE SHIPPING - We offer FREE shipping on all orders over £25
  • SAME DAY DISPATCH - We ship the same business day on orders placed before 10am
  • FAST SHIPPING - Once dispatched, our order will be with you
  • Next Day FREE Returns - if you change your mind
  • Great Pizza Guarantee - if it doesn't make great pizza - we’ll buy it back from you - see below for terms & conditions!

*Delivery times may vary during holiday seasons and busy periods. If you have placed a pre-order, all items will be dispatched when the pre-order is ready to ship.


What is a Pre-order?

When Ooni products are not currently available in our warehouse, we may offer them on a pre-order basis. That means you can still buy the product, and you’ll be placed in a queue to receive it as soon as it ships to our warehouse, in the time estimated on the page for the item you’ve chosen.

Pre-order FAQs
Do I have to pay for the product in full when I pre-order, or can I reserve it with a deposit?

Pre-orders are charged in full at the time of purchase. At this time we don’t offer reservations.

When will my pre-ordered item ship?

All items available to pre-order have an estimated delivery time on the product page. Please make sure you are happy to wait until the estimated delivery time when you place the order.

Can I get a specific delivery time for my pre-ordered item?

The estimated delivery time is approximate and your order may ship earlier or later depending on warehouse availability and delivery partner timings. Rest assured all orders are processed in the order they are received. We cannot guarantee a delivered-by date.

My estimated delivery time has passed and I haven’t received a shipping update. When is my order being delivered?

The estimated delivery time we gave you when you pre-ordered was approximate, and it’s possible that it could be delayed by a few days. Rest assured that all orders are processed in the order we receive them.

I ordered some products that were live, and others that were on pre-order. Where’s my order?

If you place an order that includes a mix of available products and products in pre-order, we will deliver your entire order when the pre-ordered item is available.

Can you please expedite my oven?

We aren’t able to expedite delivery on any pre-ordered items but our warehouse team will be working hard to get all orders shipped as soon as possible!

Pre-order Shipping

Ooni Fyra 12
Order Date: All order until 28th November #UK103380 28th November #UK103381 Onwards
Shipping Date: Delivered before Xmas Shipping late February
Ooni Pro 16
Order Date: 25th November - 26th November #UK93179 to #UK97975 26th November #UK97976 Onwards
Shipping Date: Delivered before Xmas Shipping early March
Ooni Karu 12
Order Date: 18th November - 26th November to #UK98316 26th November - 27th November #UK98317 to #UK100040 27th November #UK100041 Onwards
Shipping Date: Delivered before Xmas Shipping mid January Shipping late February
Ooni Koda 12
Order Date: 25th November - 26th November to #UK98326 26th November - 27th November #UK98327 to #UK100104 27th November #UK100105 Onwards
Shipping Date: Delivered before Xmas Shipping mid January Shipping late February
Ooni Koda 16
Order Date: 20th October - 25th November to #UK95027 25th November - 28th November #UK95028 to #UK103360 28th November #UK103361 Onwards
Shipping Date: Shipping in progress Shipping late February Shipping late March

How do I know where my order is?

You will receive a confirmation email when your order has been received successfully. We will send you a tracking link as soon as your order has been dispatched from our warehouse. Please note that tracking links may take up to 24 hours to display delivery details.

You can also check Your Account for further information.

Where do you ship to?

 We ship to the United Kingdom from our UK store. For other regions:  

Shipping information for the USA

Shipping information for Europe

Other regions - Sorry! From our online stores we only deliver to the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

 If you wish to ship to a region outside of these areas, you can choose to use a freight forwarding service, however, please note that the Ooni Warranty is only applicable to our shipping regions, and we accept no liability for losses or damages in transit via freight forwarders.

Will my delivery arrive all in one parcel?

Your items may arrive in separate parcels, as they may not all fit in one box. If not all of your items arrive at the same time, then please allow 3 days before contacting us - as they may be on their way to you separately! 

If you have an inquiry about shipping, contact us at

Can I have my order gift wrapped?

We don’t currently have gift wrapping available and Ooni products ship with references to their contents on the box.

We know Ooni makes such an awesome gift, our products are shipped without any pricing information in the box. As soon as your product is on its way, we’ll send you a tracking link so that you can intercept before your loved one gets a sneak peak at their gift!

Returns & Great Pizza Guarantee

At Ooni, we know that when you get one of our pizza ovens, YOU will make GREAT pizza at home. Because that’s what our ovens let you do. How can we be so sure? We know that our pizza ovens heat up to 932˚F / 500˚C, which combined with a stone baking board and live flames are the perfect ingredients to produce perfect pizzas - and we also know that Ooni ovens have made over 25 million GREAT pizzas at home already - and you are going to join us and make more!

That's why we GUARANTEE you that your Ooni Pizza Oven will let you cook GREAT PIZZA at home.

So - if you buy an Ooni pizza oven and you can’t make great pizza you have 60 days to return it for free. Ooni + you = great pizza or we will buy it back. For more information - click here: Great Pizza Guarantee

New & Unused Products

If you’ve for some reason changed your mind on ordering, and you would like to return an unopened and unused Ooni product, we make that as simple as possible for you!

Return FAQs

How do I initiate a return?

Reach out to us at support.ooni.comFor us to accept a return, you must contact us first to authorise the return before sending. Include the following information to have your return processed as quickly as possible:

  • Your original order number
  • The condition of your item
  • The number of parcels that you would like to return and their dimensions (length, width, breadth and weight)
  • The reason for your return

When can I make a return?

For the 2020 holiday season, our normal returns policy is extended to 60 days after the 25th of December / date of receipt.

Will there be a cost to my return ?

All Returns from the UK mainland are free within 60 days for any item in original packaging, or any incorrect or faulty items. 

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted. This may occur for any item not in its original condition, user damaged or incomplete or outside of the 60 day grace period.

What do I do if I have used my Ooni product and I want to return it?

We pride ourselves on our customer support and we will do everything that we can to ensure that you are satisfied with your order and experience. Check out our Great Pizza Guarantee as proof!

We are available via and are always happy to offer support, advice and tips for getting the best results from your Ooni product. You can additionally reach out using email, however for the fastest response please use the link for direct support above.