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2023: The year you learn to make pizza like a pro
2023: The year you learn to make pizza like a pro

2023: The year you learn to make pizza like a pro

We asked you what your pizza resolution is for 2023, and you chose I will make pizza like a pro.

We hear you. You want to make 2023 the year where you go from making a decent pizza, to making restaurant-quality pizza. We’d guess that you’re looking to hone your skills and become comfortable with making dough of different styles, different hydration levels, and gain a deeper understanding of how to manipulate different factors in your dough to create amazing results. 

You’re ready to take your pizza to the next level, and for that you deserve a big pat on the back!

Don’t worry if you feel a little overwhelmed; we’ll keep you on the right track! Every now and then we’ll send you emails to remind you of your resolution and to help you become a dough pro by the end of 2023. 

We’ll start with the basic skills you need to master and take it from there!

After that, the sky’s the limit.

Here’s to a brilliant 2023!

Your friends at Ooni

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