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Pizza Kit FAQs

Estimated Shipping Times

Product Order Date Delivery
Koda 2 Max 26th May Onwards Late August

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I be charged?
a. One-off orders: at point of order placement.
b. Subscription order: between Midnight-0500hrs on the day of dispatch.

2. Can I buy a kit using an Ooni gift card?
a. Yes, but only for a one-off order.

3. Can I add extras to my box?
a. Unfortunately this is not an option for our Pizza Kits range.

4. I’m not going to be home for my delivery, what can I do?
a. DPD will automatically leave it in a safe space if you’re not home. Alternatively, you can contact DPD via the tracking link sent to your email address to select a specific safe place for them to store your delivery.

5. How much is the delivery fee?
a. We offer free delivery on these products.

6. When will I receive my order?
a. Subscribed customers: You will receive your first order based on the schedule below. For all subsequent deliveries you will be able to select your delivery date.
b. One-off orders: you should receive your order based on the schedule below.

Order Received Day Day Order Shipped Day Order Delivered
Monday by 10am Monday Tuesday
Tuesday by 10am Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday by 10am Wednesday Thursday
Thursday by 10am Thursday Friday
Friday Monday
Saturday Monday
Sunday Monday

7. Can I choose my delivery day?
a. Only subscribed customers will be able to choose their delivery day, and your first delivery will depend on the day the order was placed (See schedule in Q.6).

8. Do you deliver to me?
a. The following table shows the list of postcodes where we currently are NOT able to deliver to.

Postcode Area District Description
AB 31-35 41-54   Aberdeen
AB 36-38 55-56   Northern Highlands
BT All Northern Ireland
EI (ZZ75) All EIRE (Republic of Ireland)
FK 17-21   Argyll
GY All Guernsey
HS 1-9   Northern Highlands
IM All Isle of Man
IV All Northern Highlands
JE All Jersey
KA 27   Arran
KA 28   Argyll
KW 0-14   Northern Highlands
KW 15-17   Orkney Shetland
PA 20-78   Argyll
PH 15-18   Dundee
PH 19-29 32-33 45-48 Northern Highlands
PH 30-31 34-44 49-99 Argyll
PO 30-41   Isle of Wight
TR 21-25   Isles of Scilly
ZE All Orkney Shetland

9. I need to change my order, can I do this?
a. Subscriptions: Currently you are only able to cancel your order or amend the delivery date until 11pm 2 days before your order is due to be dispatched. Just log into the order portal to make your amendments.
b. One-off purchases: Due to the perishable nature of the product, all orders must be amended before 6pm on the day the order was placed.

1. Why are my dough balls defrosted?
a. Our pizza kits are made to be consumed from order reception until 2 days after delivery so we have defrosted them intentionally upon arrival.

2. Are these products Gluten Free and/or Vegan/Vegetarian friendly?
a. We do have a selection of Vegan and Vegetarian options available on our menu as well as the ability to make every pizza option Gluten Free.

3. Where can I find the allergens and nutritional information?
a. There is allergen and nutritional information on the packaging for the pizza kits as well as there being a nutritional information section on our website.

4. What are the shelf-life and storage requirements?
a. We at Ooni highly recommend storing the pizza kits in the fridge and using them within 2 days of delivery in order to have the best Ooni experience.

5. Can I order 1 pizza?
a. Each pizza kit contains 4 pizzas and we only offer multiples of 4.

6. Can I mix and match my pizzas?
a. Yes you can mix and match your pizzas from our menu, however the total number of pizzas must always be a multiple of 4 (4, 8, 12 pizzas etc).

1. I don’t have an Ooni, can I still buy one?
a. YES! We have instructions for making the best pizza possible on both our Ooni’s and your conventional home ovens.

2. Do I need to buy any extra ingredients that aren’t included in the kit?
a. No, all ingredients contained in the kit are all that’s required.

1. Is the packaging recyclable
a. Please see the insert in your Pizza Kit which explains the recyclable materials.

2. The ingredients have spilled out into the box, what should I do?
a. Please contact Ooni customer service with photographic evidence of your package and we will inform you of any next steps.

3. The box is damaged, what should I do?
a. If the external damage has resulted in you not being able to consume your Pizza Kit, please contact Ooni customer service with photographic evidence of your package and we will inform you of any next steps.

1. Do I have to subscribe?
a. No, our pizza kits can be ordered as one-off orders if you prefer. But you can save 10% per order with a subscription.

2. How do I alter my subscription frequency?
a. By logging into your account on the online portal you will be able to increase or decrease your subscription frequency as you like.

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