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Ooni pizza oven range
Ooni pizza oven range

Get to Know the Ooni Pizza Oven Family

The diverse lineup of Ooni pizza ovens can be grouped into families with different features that highlight something special for every home pizza cook.

There are a few ways to figure out which oven (or ovens) might be right for you. We recommend picking what kind of fuel you want to cook with, what size of pizzas you want to make, and finally, considering the kind of experience you want to have while using your oven. 

Ooni Fyra Wood Pellet Pizza Oven (12″)

Don’t let the size of the Fyra fool you. It may be small, but it sure is mighty. Fueled by wood pellets, the 12-inch size of the Ooni Fyra 12 makes it a great option if you want both the flavour and authenticity of wood-fired, small-batch cooking as well as the ability to cook at home, on day trips, while camping or on other outdoor adventures.

Ooni Koda Gas-Powered Pizza Ovens (12″, 16″)

The Koda oven family reigns as our go-to recommendation for entry level ovens because gas-powered ovens offer a more approachable cooking experience for those new to flame-cooking pizza. Users can easily adjust the flame output with the turn of a dial, making live fire cooking more accessible for anyone new to the craft. Available in both 12-inch and 16-inch options, Koda ovens also appeal to those who like to entertain without having to tend to a fire as well as those who value speed and convenience.

Ooni Karu Multi-Fuel Pizza Ovens (12″, 12G, 16″)

These multi-fuel ovens are the perfect addition to any foodie’s outdoor cooking setup. The Karu oven family runs on your choice of wood, charcoal, or gas. The ovens in the Karu range have all the kit you need, from integrated thermometers to full glass oven doors that stay clear while cooking. Once you light one up for the first time you’ll see what we mean. The cutting edge technology built into the 12-inch, 12G and 16-inch options are ideal for explorers and pizza-making enthusiasts who want to leverage the latest and greatest technology.

Ooni Volt Electric Pizza Oven (12″)

Speaking of latest and greatest technology, the electric Ooni Volt is the newest addition to the Ooni oven lineup. With the Ooni Volt, you can make authentic restaurant-quality pizza indoors and outdoors. The Volt oven features advanced technology—like the boost function that sends a blast of heat to get baking stones back up to temperature in 45 seconds and the twin heating elements that are manually adjustable with the turn of a dial to easily alter the heat distribution—within a stylish, kitchen-counter-ready package for a highly customisable pizza-making experience.

Learn more about our entire line of pizza ovens and find the one that’s right for you at

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