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Ooni Koda 2 Max Gas Powered Pizza Oven


Ooni Koda 2 Max Gas Powered Pizza Oven

Limited availability due to high demand. Please see our Shipping page for more info.
Estimated Shipping: weeks
Limited availability due to high demand. Please see our Shipping page for more info.
Estimated Shipping: weeks
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Ooni Koda 2 Max outdoor pizza oven viewed face on, baking two pizzas.

Ooni Koda 2 Max Gas Powered Pizza Oven

Pre-Order today
Pre-Order today
  • A 24” cooking area lets you cook two 12” pizzas or three 10” pizzas simultaneously
  • Two independently-controlled temperature zones enable ultimate cooking versatility
  • A spacious 24-inch cooking area plus ample oven height offers plenty of room for culinary creativity
  • Two independently controlled gas burners produce unique tapered flames for efficient, even cooking
  • Ooni G2 Gas Technology™ delivers even heat across the oven for one-turn pizza cooking and maximum ease of use
  • Digital temperature hub provides instant oven temperature readings so you know exactly when to launch your pizzas.
  • Includes two digital food temperature probes
  • For the first time ever, use Ooni Connect™ to sync your oven with the app for smart cooking
  • Cooks pizza in as little as 60 seconds
  • Reaches a top temperature of 500 °C / 950 °F
  • Ready to cook in 30 minutes (at 400 °C / 750 °F)
  • What makes the Koda 2 Max stand out?

    First and foremost, this oven is BIG. With its supersized 24” cooking area, the Koda 2 Max is Ooni’s largest oven yet, capable of cooking 20” New York-style pizzas, multiple pizzas at a time, or even an entire meal.

    Two independently controlled cooking zones allow for side-by-side cooking at a range of temperatures. Imagine cooking a deep dish pizza on one side while firing a 60-second Neapolitan pizza on the other, or searing steaks on the left while flame-cooking veggies on the right.

    The Koda 2 Max packs our most advanced gas fuel system yet. The Ooni G2 Gas Technology™ offers high energy efficiency and produces incredibly even heat across the oven. It creates a unique tapered flame and features two dedicated dials for precision temperature control.

    The Koda 2 Max also sports the all-new Digital Temperature Hub. It provides readings from various spots throughout the oven, so you know exactly when it’s time to cook. The hub also includes two temperature probes for checking roasting meats, and you can even connect to the hub via Bluetooth to monitor temperatures while you prep.

    It’s big. It’s powerful. It’s efficient. This gas-fueled oven has everything you need to fuel your own culinary creativity.

  • What's In The Box

    1. Ooni Koda 2 Max Oven Main Body
    2. Cordierite Pizza Stones x2
    3. Oven Visor
    4. Oven Legs x3
    5. Torx Key and Fastenings
    6. Regulator and hose
    7. Thermometer display, bracket and cable
    8. Food probes x2
    9. Matchstick holder
    10. Fixings (10 x M5 Screws)
    11. Batteries x 3
    12. Oven Manual
    13. First Cook Guide

    Note: The Pizza Peel is not included with the model, please purchase separately. We recommend an Ooni Pizza Peel for getting your pizzas in and out of your oven with ease!

  • Technical Features

    • Dimensions and blueprint of Koda 2 Max
    • 0.8″ thick (20mm) cordierite pizza stones
    • Oven body made of powder-coated carbon steel. Stainless steel internal, base and legs.
    • Aluminum back and front nose. Borosilicate glass and stainless steel visor.
    • Unboxed dimensions: 80cm x 72.2cm x 42.8cm (31.5” x 28.43” x 16.85”)
    • Unboxed weight: 43kg (95lbs)
    • Boxed dimension: 92.8cm x 81.2cm x 37.6cm (36.5” x 32” x 14.8”)
    • Boxed weight: 52kg (115lbs)
    • 37mBar patio gas regulator and hose included in the box
    • 11kWh / 39,000 BTU
    • Hose: 1.2m hose
    • Hose Outlet: 8mm barb terminal (supplied fully assembled to hose)
    • Regulator inlet: 27mm diameter push on style Patio gas fitting
    • Bottle Regulator: 37mBar Propane Regulator
    • Gas terminal for attaching the hose and gas source
    • Ooni Koda 2 Max is compatible with large propane tanks (normally used with barbecues) up to 13kg - we recommend at least 6kg.

Why Choose Koda 2 Max

What’s New in the Koda 2 Max?

Supersized 24” Cooking Area

Bake multiple pizzas at once or one giant 20” pie.

Ooni G2 Gas Technology™️

Two independently controlled cooking zones allow for side-by-side cooking at a range of temperatures.

Dual-Zone Cooking

This next-gen system features a unique tapered flame that generates even heat across the oven for consistent temperatures and maximum efficiency.

Digital Temperature Hub

Get instant temperature readings from inside the oven so you know exactly when to start cooking.



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